Choosing a Medical Equipment Supplier in Australia

By | February 26, 2023

Choosing a medical equipment supplier is an important decision that you must make if you’re going to keep your hospital or clinic running smoothly. You need to have a supplier that will be able to deliver the equipment that you need when you need it, and also help you keep track of your costs.

General Electric

GE has been a leader in the medical equipment industry for a long time. Its products include health information technology, diagnostic imaging agents, and radiopharmaceuticals. It also develops health solutions that cover data analytics, additive manufacturing, and materials science.

GE has been focused on key growth areas in recent years. In recent months, the company has made several acquisitions to expand its operations. It has also lowered its debt substantially. It expects to reduce its debt by $75 billion by the end of the year.

In the first quarter of 2022, GE’s EBITDA was $2,069 million. The company’s dividend payout ratio was 18.1%. That’s a dividend payout ratio that’s 50% lower than the average of the sector.

In addition to its healthcare unit, GE also has a renewable energy division. However, the division is losing revenue due to a decline in the supply of wind farm equipment in North America. The unit has also had difficulty finding new markets. In addition, GE has had supply chain issues that are driving up transportation and raw materials costs.

Mckesson Corporation

Founded in 1833, McKesson Corporation is a medical equipment supplier that carries out the supply of medicines, medical equipment and surgical supplies. The company has over 76,000 employees worldwide. McKesson Corporation offers its customers a variety of medical supplies, including surgical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy management software and health information technology. McKesson Corporation also offers financial solutions to pharmacies and healthcare agencies.

McKesson’s customer base includes health systems, health plans, pharmacy chains, specialty pharmaceutical partners, and home care agencies. McKesson is one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the world. McKesson has distribution centers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

McKesson has a broad product portfolio that includes branded, generic, biosimilar, and specialty products. McKesson is also one of the largest distributors of oncology products in the United States.

Fresenius medical care

Among the world’s leading providers of renal disease products is Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGA. This company provides products and services throughout the dialysis value chain. The company has a global network of more than 4,000 dialysis clinics. It also supplies clinical nutrition products.

Fresenius is also facing allegations of bribes and fraud in several countries. These allegations are being investigated by the FBI’s International Corruption Squad in New York and Boston. In addition, the Justice Department is prosecuting the case.

Fresenius admitted to paying bribes in Angola and Saudi Arabia, and will pay a total of $231 million in a settlement. The company also admitted to improper internal accounting controls in Saudi Arabia and failed to properly maintain accurate books and records. In addition, Fresenius admitted to committing fraudulent consulting agreements with public officials in Spain and Morocco.


Founded in Amsterdam more than a century ago, Philips is the world’s largest electronics company. The company manufactures medical equipment and consumer electronics, including televisions. Philips is organized into three divisions: Consumer Products, Healthcare, and Lighting.

Philips is a global leader in life saving medical devices and monitoring equipment. Philips manufactures Acute Care Ventilators, BiPAP and CPAP devices, Defibrillators, and HeartStart products. Philips also sells these devices to durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers, who resell them to patients.

Philips RS North America LLC was formerly known as Respironics Inc. Philips Respironics did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the settlement, but it did agree to settle the allegations against them.

The settlement resolved allegations that Respironics paid illegal inducements to DME suppliers, misled Medicare and Medicaid, and misled federal health care programs. Philips RS North America LLC was also found to have misled Medicare by failing to disclose that it received kickbacks from DME suppliers.

Home Care Delivered

Several insurers offer cost-sharing provisions for professional in-home care for senior citizens. Medicare covers home health care, and many private insurance plans will pay for it as well.

For example, United Medical Providers, Inc., a Louisiana-based provider of urological supplies, serves over 2,500 customers across 17 states. The company has a wide array of products, but its urology division serves about a quarter of its patients in the state. The company is in the process of buying Home Care Delivered, Inc., a leading provider of reimbursable medical supplies. Combined, the companies will be able to ship supplies to all 50 states, and have contracts with over 500 payors.

Using medical supplies to manage medical conditions at home is not new. The company has been doing it for more than two decades. A wide array of products are available, including several categories of surgical supplies. The company also offers a number of services, including an online ordering system, a text message service and reordering services.

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